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Hi All,

over the weekend (March 23/24/25) we did a “bigger” update on our Schattenstreiter Multigaming Community homepage. Please continue reading to get some more information about it.

There is no real “visible” updates for you in the front end but there is a couple of changes behind the scenes. It took us more or less the entire weekend to integrate and improve some features but everything is completed now :).

Besides of some security fixes it is now also possible to login / register on our homepage using your social media accounts such as Steam, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

In addition, news / post on our homepage will be automatically released on our community social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. In case of interest please also have a look at it.

Unfortunately there is no automated integration in our steam group news available / possible at the moment but maybe in future (who knows). Feel free to also have a look at it, its open for everybody in case you are interested to join it.

Further more, one of the biggest changes which is not visible yet (but already integrated)… We are thinking to organize tournaments eg for CSGO and potentially other games. Our own tournament system seems to be working fine but its still in testing phase. Since we are not yet sure if we are moving forward with the tournament idea, I dont want to “promise” to much :).

In any case, I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts about our tournament idea. Please feel free to put your comment underneath this post. Alternatively just get in contact with us directly on our teamspeak server.
IP = voice.schattenstreiter.de / no password required

PS: Natürlich hätte ich auch alles auf Deutsch schreiben können, aber das wäre dann für unsere internationalen Freunde/Mitglieder eher schwer zu verstehen :).


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