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Run Booster

Made by Schattenstreiter
© LéBoobél

counterstrike clan

Game Mode

Run Booster is a selfmade game mode developed by the Schattenstreiter Community (by LéBoobél) for Counter-Strike. This special game mode is based on Valves source engine and is/will be available to download for Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike Global Offensive.


The aim is to reach the other end of a level which is only possible in co-op mode. One person needs to crouch so the other person can jump on the head of the other person. Once that is done, a “bridge” appears to pass the way to the other side. When one of the two players drops off the bridge will disappear and you will have to restart the level.

1. Partner up (Co-Op only!)

  • You will need to find a second player
  • Meet on Teamspeak to talk private
  • Both players need to have the map
  • Ready to rumble!!!

2. General Info

  • Once the map is loaded choose a team of your choice
  • The level will start in kind of an “entrance hall” with different doors
  • You and your partner pick the difficulty by choosing one of thoese doors
    – Green door = Easy
    – Yellow door = Medium
    – Red door = Hard
  • Read the instructions if you are new.
  • If you are playing on our server pick a “portal” for diffirent difficultys

3. Mounting Your Teammate

  • Decide which one of you will be Running & Boosting. (Top & Bottom)
  • The Booster then crouches allowing the runner to jump onto their head
  • When you are both ready; The bottom player lets go of crouch.
  • Top player then jumps to allow the bottom player to stand up.
  • Bottom player is looking up at the runner whilst he is jumping.(allowing him to stand up)
  • Once the top player lands from his jump; both player start running at the same time.
  • Thust allowing both players to run without the top player falling.